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Frequently Asked Questions


*Where can we set up?

--Anywhere inside or outside, or in the garage. We can use any tables & chairs you have, so whichever space has enough room, light, and shade for your guests to be comfortable.

*How many artists can fit at a table?

--If you are using standard folding tables, you can usually fit 6-7 adults or 7-8 children at each table.

*Can we paint after we eat?

--We paint at the beginning so the paints don't dry out. If you have a separate space for us to set up while you are eating, it can possibly work. Please inquire.

*Can younger siblings participate?

--Fees are based per artist, so that depends on how you want to offer it. The paint is not toxic, but not recommended for anyone younger than 4, even with a parents' help.

*Can adults and children paint together?

--Absolutely. Let's find a painting that works for all ages together.

*Can we paint 2 different paintings at one party?

--We can only teach one painting per party. In some circumstances, we can bring a separate pre-drawn painting for one group to DIY. Please inquire.

*Can you match my special party theme?

--We can create a custom painting to go with your decor for $25

*What is the minimum/maximum number for a party?

--There is no minimum number, but there are minimum $ amounts for each party. The max number for adult parties is currently 100, but we can alter if needed. For kids' parties, we recommend around 30 max, but we are flexible based on the type of event.